The four-book series is based on thirty-five years of lessons with golfers who have a reasonable knowledge of swing mechanics but struggle to improve.

The Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series is based on results with over eleven thousand "average" golfers. Your unconscious beliefs create a mental roadblock to improvement. The series of conversations offers simple guidelines to help you discover the ability that lies beyond swing mechanics!

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The Just Hit The Damn Ball! series is based on the trials and errors of dedicated students who struggle to break 90.

Do you ever wonder why your results on the practice range never transfer to the golf course?

Why does a new putter or Driver work miracles initially then suddenly rebel?

Can changing parking spaces really help your game?

The four-book series reveals the answers to these questions and more.

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? You have the ability.

All you need is the recipe.

Let me help you discover yours and play better than you ever thought possible!

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