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About Dave

Dave's teaching career started by accident.


He played his first game at his father's annual office tournament when he was 18. After scoring 76 and winning the tournament, Dave's father recognized the potential and sought the advice of the course teaching professional. For the next ten weeks, Dave followed a strict regimen of two lessons per week and two hours of practice three days a week. Following this regimen, Dave's game gradually deteriorated. At the end of the season, he struggled to break 90! The instructor urged Dave to continue, insisting that sooner or later the hard work would pay off.

It never did.

Determined to get his natural swing back, Dave spent the next two years taking lessons from various instructors. Every teacher offered diverse opinions on how to resurrect his natural ability.  Nothing helped. Frustrated and angry, Dave abandoned the game to pursue a career in Psychology. 

After obtaining his Psychology degree, Dave took a year off to decide on a career path. It was during this period that friends invited him to join them for a game. He decided to "forget" all the technical advice and just hit the damn ball!

Dave shot a respectable 83. After the round, he asked his playing partners if they had taken lessons. One sheepishly admitted that he took a series of three lessons and played worse for the rest of the season. Eventually he went back to his old swing.


Apparently, Dave's frustration with professional instruction was not uncommon.


After teaching over ten-thousand lessons, Dave has condensed thousands of pages of lesson notes into a series of four easy-to- read books that will help the "average" golfer overcome common misconceptions and trust their natural ability.

If you've ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the ability.


The "secret" to constant improvement is discovering your unique recipe. 

You can find the Just Hit The Damn Ball! series here.

If you enjoy the book, a brief review would be much appreciated!



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