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Are you constantly improving or riding a rollercoaster of inconsistency?

Traditional golf instruction creates an endless loop of fault-finding and error correction. Stop trying to "fix" your swing. Let me help you break through the limits of traditional instruction.

The biggest roadblock to improvement is confusing cause and effect. Ninety percent (or more) of golf instruction focuses on effects. You can improve effects on the practice range but the results often disappear quickly during a game.

What's the solution? Master the seven essential positions found in every consistent swing.

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The off-season is the ideal time to develop new muscle memory. Depending on your skill level, the new positions may feel awkward at first. Holding the position(s) in front of a full-length mirror will help you develop an accurate mental image of your perfect swing.


This program is not a quick fix for temporary improvement. I can guide you through the positions, but you have to rehearse them regularly to make your best swing a habit.

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    Lesson One of Seven

The Perfect Posture Drill

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