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Do you ride a rollercoaster of inconsistency year after year? You're not alone!

Our FREE bi-weekly newsletter, (starting March 3, 2022) The Seven Secrets to Consistency, reveals the essential elements in every consistent swing. Each lesson contains a condensed video with a simple drill and an accompanying PDF. 

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Are you frustrated by confusing theories and contradictory advice?

Ultimate Golf program on Udemy.com reduces each part of the game to three essential elements. Learn at your own pace and start building a consistent game.

Interested in learning about the mental part of the game?

The award-winning Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series is based on feedback from over eleven-thousand students.

If you've ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the ability. All you need is the recipe.

I look forward to helping you play better than you ever thought possible!

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