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Welcome to

Dave Johnston Golf!

Welcome to Dave Johnston Golf!

This site is dedicated to helping the high handicap golfer conquer the physical and mental roadblocks of traditional golf instruction.

Are you constantly improving or riding a rollercoaster of inconsistency?

Traditional golf instruction is based on fault-finding and error correction. This paradigm leads to an endless cycle of trying to "fix" your swing. 

The first step to building a consistent swing is a clear understanding of cause and effect. The second step is overcoming common misconceptions about effective practice, professional instruction and  
muscle memory.

Since we all have unique learning systems,  this site offers three different ways to build your unique swing.
Our Youtube channel has 46 short, easy-to-understand video lessons on all parts of the game.

If you prefer to learn at your own speed, we have two DIY programs on 

Ultimate Golf: Your Perfect Golf Swing and Beyond is a step-by-step program that illustrates the essential elements in every consistent swing. Here is a unique link for a 
discount code.

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever! is a short, straightforward program that helps you eliminate the biggest hurdle for the once-a-week golfer. Click here for a limited-time discount.

The Just Hit The Damn Ball!
 book series is based on conversations with over eleven-thousand students.  The series of conversations reveal common misconceptions that create mental roadblocks to improvement.

Feel free to send me an email with any comments/questions:

Thanks for stopping by!

Dave Johnston, B.A., Psychology
Director of Golf Instruction
Author: Just Hit The Damn Ball!


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